Hazards: Picking Your Poison

When it comes to surviving in the Treacheryverse, scavenge at your own risk!

Today we delve into the much-dreaded Hazard, the bane of your existence! So how do you maximize your strategy and customize your Hazard choices to impress your fellow Traitors?

Seek no further, brave explorer!

When designing Hazards, we take three main dimensions (other than hilarity value) into account – danger level, avoidability, and specialty.  Think of these as levers you can pull when designing the right Horizon for your Society, which if understood correctly can steer your ship to victory.

Danger & Avoidability

The danger level of a Hazard is generally inversely proportional to its avoidability. The easier the solution, the uglier the effect. While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s set up so that you can customize the stakes according to your Society’s needs. Treacheryalpha.67.jpgTreacheryalpha.77.jpg Would you rather deal with low level chronic annoyance of a gossiping crew, or be prepared to jump to the occasion when the entire ration supply goes out the airlock? The high-risk-easily-solved variety requires more strategy, faster recruiting, and a more conservative resource usage, but can pay off if you’re up to the challenge. Influence has arguably the easiest time recruiting minions fast, and Honor and Spirit both Excel at flat-out solving and prevention, so these might be strong motives to emphasize if playing high-risk Hazards.





Which motives exactly can solve a Hazard, and which resources does it require? The first is more obvious in the case of a Bibi the universe warping godling or a good old fashioned bar fight, but when it comes to resources, it’s important to take a closer look.


You’ve probably noticed that energy comes easiest to Knowledge and Spirit characters, sustenance to strength and honor, and loyalty to influence and wealth, so take that into account when choosing Hazards. Finally, remember that even if your strategy is down pat, there will be times when you’ll depend on your fellow Traitors to handle one of your Hazards when the chips are down – so specializing requires knowing their Societies as much as knowing your own.

Whatever your strategy may be, always keep in mind – recruit relentlessly, scavenge early in the round to keep as many response options open as possible, and for the love of the mad Elders, don’t run Famine on an empty stomach!

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