Treachery: Overview

Do you ever tire of aspiring towards the same goal game after game? Do you enjoy the suspense of resource-based boardgames that race against time? Do you wish you could combine all that vivid, unique, multidimensional characters that leap right off the cards?

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.42.50 PM

With an ever expanding onslaught of “Plot” cards that define unique combinations of win conditions for each game, Treachery keeps you guessing and adapting to new play styles with each game.  To beat Plots, players combine their skills and particular deck flavors to allocate three different resources — more often than not, every turn counts, and every decision leads your team down a rabbit hole of plot twists worthy of your favorite TV show.

Not only can you customize your Plot choices — players have six different character motives to choose from and combine, so you can literally build a deck for any temperament.


You risk wearing your loyalty thin with too many conflicting motives, but if you can create alliances between your mercenaries, faith healers, informants, spin doctors, sages, scholars, charlatans, explorers, cyborgs, spies, and all the other odd personalities Treachery has to offer, you’ll be all the more powerful for it.  Each motive and combination of motives offers unique game mechanics and flavor.


But beware — loyalty is not the only commodity in short supply. Once you have a crew, you must scavenge boldly to keep them alive and kicking, and harness enough energy to power their various cosmic devices and paranormal abilities.  And look out — because a new Hazard is always around the corner!




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