The game

What’s this game about?

Treachery is an ever-expanding collaborative or solo game of limited resources and alliance-building, where each game poses unique victory conditions, and you must race time, coordinate efforts, and improve your odds in order to flourish and win.

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What’s in the box?


70 beautifully illustrated original art Character cardsPlayers rely on their Loyalist Character cards to venture the Plots while staving off Hazards and recruiting treacherous Rogue Characters

36 Horizon cards, containing Hazards, Items and Tasks that either help or harm your Characters in their adventure

12 Plot cards, representing unique storylines that players collaboratively attempt to venture and solve in order to winScreen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.42.50 PM

1 20-sided die that tracks sustenance to feed your Loyalist characters

1 6-sided die that let’s you roll to determine your fate when venturing Plots and other adventures

120 resource gems representing 6  types of resources – energy , knowledge , influence , loyalty, wealth, and strength