Basic Rules

Treachery is an ever-expanding collaborative or solo game of limited resources and alliance-building, where each game poses unique victory conditions, and you must race time, coordinate efforts, and improve your odds in order to flourish and win.


  • loyaltiesThe object of the game is to collaborate and overcome a combination of Plot cards.
  • Players rely on their loyal Character cards to venture out and meet these requirements, augmenting Characters with Horizon cards while staving off Hazards and recruiting treacherous rogue Characters.
  • Players work together to manage 6 resources – energy , knowledge , influence , loyalty, wealth, and strength.
  •  Your Loyalists can and will betray you!



  1.  Each player builds a Society deck with 10 Character cards shuffled
  2. Place the 20-sided die in the center to track the amount of sustenance players share (5x the number of players)
  3. Each player chooses and places a Plot card around the sustenance tracker to show this game’s victory conditions. Add the amount of resources indicated by each Plot to the shared Player Zone. 
  4. Each Player chooses any Character as her/his ‘Captain,’ and places the card facing her/his Plot, and pays resources from the Player Zone for the recruiting cost of their Captains – see RECRUITING.



  1. Revive Phase: ‘Feed’ loyalists, counting down sustenance on the 20-sided die. 1 sustenance feeds up to 2 loyalists. Unexhaust all Characters. Players lose the game if sustenance ever reaches 0.
  2. Discovery Phase: Drawing 1 card from HORIZON. Players with any Hazard in hand must play at least 1 of them, or reveal hands to show they’re Hazard-free.
  3. Rogue Phase: Each player puts cards directly into Rogue Zone from atop her/his SOCIETY as ‘rogues’ until each Plot has at least 2 rogues in front of it. Rogues exhaust and perform their rogue abilities against players, in order of rogue with most motive to leas, until all are exhausted. 
  4. Action Phase: Players chose any play order each round:
    1. Spend any amount of resources to play Horizon cards from hand and/or recruit rogues.
    2. Exhaust loyalists in any order to perform character abilities i.e. 
      •  Povide resources matching her/his motives to Player Zone
      • Use printed ability, or one on an Item s/he holds.
      • Move to an adjacent Plot.
      • Venture a Plot – see VICTORY. 

Round’s End: If a player has 0 loyalists, s/he discover top card of SOCIETY and recruits that Character for free.


The game ends as soon as players complete all VICTORY requirements on all Plots: all players win! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.42.50 PM

How to meet VICTORY conditions: Plots require a number certain of resources marked by the Plot’s  victory tracker. The instant the tracker is full, the Plot is considered complete, and players reap its reward. Resources can be added to the Plot victory tracker in any order, but can’t be used or removed once added, except by rogues & Hazards.

Venturing to provide resource: To ‘venture,’ a loyalist may or exhaust to provide his/her resources to their Plot victory tracker. First, roll a 6-sided die and note the RISK requirements of the Plot. If you fail the noted roll, you must follow the RISK test. If you succeed, you can add loyalists resources to the Plot Tracker.


All players lose if sustenance reaches 0, or if a player has 0 cards left in her/his Society at start of turn.


To recruit a rogue, spend 1  matching resource gem for each of the rogue’s motives. Any player can recruit any player’s rogue. New recruits are immediately unexhausted, can perform an ability on the same round.