Welcome to the Treacheryverse!

The distant future…

Earth recalls very little of the days before its glorious ascent to the cosmos.

Few relics remain from the Ground Age – because all human children are taught from birth that the sky is theirs to command.

Treachery.11.pngPerhaps this is by design – perhaps the Intergalactic Regency that controls nearly all spacefaring efforts stands to lose too much in recalling an era where their iron influence did not reach into the furthest reaches of the frontier.  Treachery.40.pngBut just beyond those tendrils of absolute control lies Wasteworld – home of Arc and her elusive and noble Felyons, the ruthless reptilian Juk hives, and the inscrutable machinating Implex. Wasteworld is a political powderkeg in which Earth’s closest allies, the Syvilons, have been embroiled for a century.

Treachery.33.pngAnd now dangerous Felyon ideals of freedom, democracy, and self-determination are infecting minds up and down the Regency chain of command.And all the while, the AI’s of Fen-Dun, long since estranged from their ancient human progenitors, plot in secret- towards what end, the mad Elders only know.
Then, with a galaxy on the brink, a brave human Regency


fleet commander named Chazwyk Trevayn, while trying to harvest the Earth’s sun to fuel the ultimate weapon, reduces it to nothing more than a quantum singularity of universe-crushing proportions.


Resources plunge, loyalties collapse, hazards abound, and heroes are born. Can Arc and her small band of sages, warriors, seers, a

nd smugglers save it all from pure anarchy? Or will mindless dogma, unchecked greed, and the raw ambition of machines snuff civilization from the galaxy once and for all?